// okay I think I’m going to step away from Tumblr before I grow more frustrated

Nobody understands.

It’s not about breaks of burned out’s or anything of the sort.

My muse left me.

She just picked up her bags and left.

I haven’t heard her voice in three weeks going to four, and it’s disconcerting.

And it’s bothering me to no end.


They say I’m unforgiven, and I have to pay

Like I’m the demon resurrection
They say that I turn innocence to panic
But I don’t care

They say that my obsession is unholy
That I deviate from reason
They say I make you suffer for my sins
I hope you forgive me

// I play this game because I still care.

And I still look forward to see the new content Riot pumps out.

Even if it ends up tearing my soul into pieces

I’ll still keep going on


// *goes to surr@20 to check up on any new updates*

*sees the ‘new brief lore entries’ for Shurimani champions*

'huh this should be good'

*reads Amumu’s*


Amumu is a diminutive, animated cadaver who wanders the world, trying to discover his true identity. He rose from an ancient Shuriman tomb bound in corpse wrappings with no knowledge of his past, consumed with an uncontrollable sadness.



 I knew quitting was a good thing.

If I hadn’t stopped caring this would’ve given me an aneurysm to kill me.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being "they're so going to die" to 10 being "I WILL DESTROY THE WHOLE WORLD VIA TEEMO'S DEVILRY JUST TO GET YOU", how much do you want to kill Riot for lore retards?

// I think it was always swinging between a 9 and a 10 because they decided ‘oh let’s just erase whatever we have on the League, it’s not like the game’s name is ‘LEAGUE OF LEGENDS’ or anything haha amirite we’re just randomly tossing people into a 10-man ring and let them fight eachother for no apparent reason, nope nope’ and that is simply something I cannot forgive.

Mostly because I’m on the mindset ‘Fuck the champions (not literally), what about the League?! >:C’

But I assume this question was prompted because of a recent blunder, and I will admit that aside from my diminishing LP and imminent demotion to D4, I’m at a loss when it comes to League info.

Did Rito fuck up again, and if so, where?

// okay that seriously burned me out. I cleared out my drafts, got several people in my inbox I need to contact about their things being dropped, but that’s for … later.


Recluse Tybear going to hibernate now. brb never

Personal ranting below the cut, with Tyb-mun pouring out her heart. Don’t want to read? Then don’t click

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// Actually no wait, I remembered what I was supposed to do.

… I just wish I knew how to.

Well … for starters, I think I’m going to step away for a little bit. Not that I wasn’t doing it before, but this is ‘official’ now, I reckon.

I know it’s sudden and people might be ‘Wat!?’ but honestly, if you asked me to explain, I just couldn’t. Maybe I’m burned out again, I think. Or just tired. Or something. I can’t really pin-point it.

The reason why I had to make a big announcement out of it is because I’m planning to drop many, if not all the on-going RP’s I have in my drafts. This might sound silly, but it frustrates me knowing I’m sitting on these things and have them gather dust. If I am to come back to writing and RP’ing, I’d rather go for something new and fresh, not moldy.

I apologize for all my partners, first and foremost, and then my followers, or at least who else cares. I’m going to personally message every single person who has a thread saved in my drafts to let them know of my intention.

As for me, IDK what I’m going to do. I feel an odd pressure looming over me knowing that I won’t be around ‘here’ in a month. (by ‘here’ I mean, home. since I’ll be leaving for college in a month, if not less). I think it might be what’s blocking my writing mojo, but I can’t quite say exactly.

I just know I feel like I’m withering inside, and nothing can comfort me for the time being. Hence why I’m desperately wasting time playing games 24/7.

./rant over. TL;DR: Calling hiatus. Dropping all RP’s. If I want to pick this up again sometime, I’d rather go with something fresh. Will message everyone who was waiting for me. Sorry. :c

// okay

I think I’m back for a bit

Now how do I do … things?

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// I’m writing thia on mobile because Villa is busy riding her way to Whiterun from Windhelm (ON A HORSE JEEZ GET YER MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER)


Tyb be like

'Wellp i'm out, fuck you guys, and you know what- PURPLE IS SOOOO YEAR 50 BLE!' *rips off robes and streaks out of the IoW in her lingerie*

// *after seeing the new Shurima-related news*

Wellp, Tyb won’t like to hear that part where xERATH IS SUDDENLY CHAINED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING MAP

Meanwhile, Tybresa resigns from the Steward Council and decides to become a nun on the other side of Mount Targon.

// I swear I didn’t die-ded.

I just got whisked off to our secluded family retreat because relatives were visiting.

Gonna sleep off the fatigue in a few hours, gonna answer the most outstanding messages then.

sotiredomg ;w;

It goes without saying, Settlers of Catan. Let the seven roll often, and the ruffian stay on your lands!

// Haha joke’s on you

I’m playing Cities and Knights

Even if we continuously roll 7 in the first round, the robber can’t be displaced until the Barbarians land

Wait, write something? I haven’t known that feeling in quite some time.

// We are both of the same kind then.

We should probably make a club

'I'm a RP Blog but I'm having second thoughts about that' or

'RP blog with no actual RP'ing'


'I don't know what I'm doing here'

take your pick

// Rarrr …

I don’t know what to do with myself anymore.

Should I go play Skyrim? Settlers of Catan? Should I write stuff?

But -what- stuff …

I was pondering of starting the Snow Witch M!A but I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna get any kind of interest whatsoever … but I’m not sure whether me sitting on M!A’s and trying to hatch them will solve anything.