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"You have my attention…" 
Would be his response each time the Senior - Steward approached him. Today however as he said his attention was on something else, enough to occupy him that he was not able to hear her voice the first two times she called him…. but he would always turn…and talk.


We’re just a falling star,

we’re just a broken seed

And when an ocean parts,

will you wanna sink our dreams?

I don’t know what we are

or what we’ll ever be,

so listen when you feel your heart skip a beat.

I found this song today on Kat-mun’s stream and it inspired me to draw this short comic thingie. All of the lyrics are not really suitable but these particular lines are…special.

// I’m just gonna disappoint people again and call it a

'Nope nope nope nope nope' check.

I feel like I’ve missed out on so much stuff I can’t bring myself to catch up, never mind get to writing again.

Urrgh, I’m feeling under the rain and I just got home.

I’mma just play some games instead …

Tybresa, Varus, Master Yi, Jax, Fina (though we all know what you're going to say for that one)


"Cuddle Fina, marry Tybresa, kiss Yi, fuck Varus, even though I’m sure that’s impossible and kill Jax."

demacianmessenger, summoner-tybresa

"Interesting choice there, Truth …"

So Tybresa, are you gonna bang Rai like a door in a hurricane?

"How clever of you, I actually did not hear that metaphor before.”

// *meanwhile Mun rolls around cackling*

May I treat you with "the Flight ?" to celebrate this? A meal with various poultry cooked to the perfection - no small song birds were harmed.

Gotta admit, them jokes just fly over everyone's heads. I really shouldn't egg you on, but the yolk's just too funny to pass up. But really, we know you're a tweety who's not robin' anyone of their fun, right? It's not like you're a chick who's got a chirp on his shoulders, so let's just enjoy ourselves. 8) [[You made me do this, you know that right? 8D

// God damn it Beta I’m dying here

Why did I only see this ask now.

who are your favorite OCs to interact with






and a little bit of bonus~


"For heaven’s sake, you people … >///w///<"

// Okay, I just woke up.

I found out I entered the university -I- wanted, without needing to pay tax (yiiisss)

And I think I’m in the mood to write some posts.

So what’d I miss now?

PS: My activity bar is so happy I’m back, it has a weird boner:

The Queen is back, back again.

// Well, you know what they say …

The show must go on.

// Watched the cinematic and

My first thoughts:

#1. Nerf Ahri and Leona

#2. Dat Darius. HNNNGGHH. 

#3. Report Draven for feed

// Just got home! maker it feels good to sit down painlessly again

I’m just gonna watch this new cinematic thingy, check up some messages and then faint dead in my bed oh my god I missed you so much babbu

RP replies are gonna wait, as well as Skype chatty-catch-ups. Also I’m not gonna go through the painstaking process of digging through four day’s worth of dash content, so if there is anything you want me to see, either @ me or tag me.

Tybba’s back - yay!~

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//I’m on the train back home and

What is this about a new cinematic out?

Mark my words.

Past the shiny effects and sparkling new character design.

There gonna be lots of lore inconsistencies.


// Harro! Tyb-mun just quick-posting on mobile!

Got the results of my first uni application, failed it - still got one more to try tomorrow and Tuesday morning and I’m confident of those ones

I’ll hopefully be back on Tuesday evening! I might be able to catch up to stuff soon-…

Granted my parents won’t kill me. Urrrgh

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